Where on the Body Can Skin Be Refreshed with an IPL Photofacial?

Dr. Tricia Shimer | 09/21/2023

Whether erasing the signs of aging, reducing sun damage, or giving your skin a healthy, enviable glow, an IPL photofacial offers skin rejuvenation.


How Can RF Microneedling Improve Skin Laxity?

Dr. Tricia Shimer | 08/29/2023

Targeting deeper layers of the skin, RF microneedling ensures optimal collagen stimulation and tissue remodeling to improve skin laxity.


The O-Shot® Can Boost Your Sexual Arousal

Dr. Tricia Shimer | 07/28/2023

This Orgasm Shot® can help significantly boost sexual arousal and address other sexual wellness concerns like difficulty reaching orgasm.


How Many Photofacial Treatments Will I Need for Sun-Damaged Skin?

Dr. Tricia Shimer | 05/22/2023

Discover how many IPL photofacial treatments you'll need to help reverse sun damage and achieve a refreshed, even-toned complexion.


Will I Have Scars After RF Microneedling Treatment?

Dr. Tricia Shimer | 04/27/2023

Find out how to protect your skin and enhance healing after RF microneedling to reduce any chance of scarring.


What Should I Expect After O-Shot® Treatment?

Dr. Tricia Shimer | 03/31/2023

Following an O-Shot to improve vaginal health or urinary incontinence, you can return to your daily routine. Learn about the Orgasm Shot here.


Reduce Stubborn Fat with RF Body Contouring Treatments

Dr. Tricia Shimer | 02/27/2023

Learn how RF body contouring treatments in Dallas, TX can help you get rid of stubborn areas of body fat.


Can I Wear Makeup After IPL Therapy?

Dr. Tricia Shimer | 01/22/2023

Skin rejuvenation treatments like IPL therapy reduce signs of aging and sun damage. Read about IPL recovery and when it is safe to wear makeup again.


Get Your Body Ready for the New Year With Body Contouring Treatments

Dr. Tricia Shimer | 12/22/2022

Learn how RF body contouring treatments are a nonsurgical approach that can help you achieve a new look by targeting stubborn areas of fat.


Will I Experience Sensitivity After the O-Shot® Treatment?

Dr. Tricia Shimer | 11/30/2022

Learn how O-Shot can improve sensitivity and sexual wellness with little to no downtime and immediate results.


What Skin Issues Can Be Renewed With RF Microneedling?

Dr. Tricia Shimer | 10/31/2022

RF microneedling addresses skin issues involving uneven pigmentation, texture, or sagging. Find out how it can leave you with younger, smoother skin.


How Can I Obtain Even Toned Facial Skin? IPL Treatment

Dr. Tricia Shimer | 09/25/2022

Brown spots and other forms of hyperpigmentation can be embarrassing. Learn how IPL treatment manages unwanted signs of sun damage at our clinic.


What Muscles Can be Refined With Evolve Tone Treatment?

Dr. Tricia Shimer | 08/26/2022

Do you want the perfect six-pack? RF body contouring can refine many muscle groups, so you appear more toned. Learn about Evolve Tone treatment here.


Three Reasons You May Need the O-Shot®

Dr. Tricia Shimer | 07/26/2022

Who could benefit from the O-Shot? Find the answer here.


Can RF Microneedling Get Rid of my Double Chin?

Dr. Tricia Shimer | 06/30/2022

Submental fullness (or a double chin) can make you feel embarrassed. See how radiofrequency microneedling reduces fat in this area for a slimmer look.


Say Goodbye To Facial Veins With Lumecca IPL Therapy

Dr. Tricia Shimer | 05/31/2022

Facial veins are easy to clear when you use IPL therapy, a practice that uses pulsed light to clear old skin cells that cause these veins to appear.


Get Tight and Firm Skin With Evolve Tite

Dr. Tricia Shimer | 04/29/2022

Evolve Tite will help you attain firm and tight skin by using RF heat to improve how your skin produces collagen and elastin.


Will Evolve Tone Increase My Muscle Strength?

Dr. Tricia Shimer | 03/26/2022

Evolve Tone delivers noninvasive electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to effectively and safely improve the look and strength of your muscles.


How Many Evolve Trim Treatments Will Reduce Cellulite?

Dr. Tricia Shimer | 02/26/2022

Evolve Trim is an exciting body sculpting treatment for patients in Dallas, TX to explore. It is a unique treatment solution that works well.


How Soon After IPL Treatment Will Dark Spots Fade?

Dr. Tricia Shimer | 01/24/2022

Results vary by patient, but you can expect complexion-transforming improvements over the few days following your IPL photofacial treatment.


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