Acne Facials

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About Acne Facials

Are you finding yourself seeing more breakouts than usual, or maybe experiencing your first breakout ever, and not sure what to do? At Evolve Med Spa in Dallas, Texas, our main focus is educating our patients about proper skin health. Acne Facials are our favorite way to get to know our patient’s skin concerns and determine what might be best to heal current breakout, while preventing new ones from occuring.

What Causes Acne?

Acne is defined as a bacterial infection of the sebaceous (oil) gland, located in each tiny hair follicle on your face and body. It is more prominent in the adolescent years because these glands will begin producing oil during puberty. As we age, oil production can slow down, or speed up due to hormone changes, showing some adults, even into their 50s and up, that breakouts can happen at any age!

How To Treat

With the advancement in Aesthetics and Dermatology, there are multiple routes we can take to control breakouts, whether with oral medications, or treatments of topical nature. Utilizing both is ideal, being a more aggressive approach to what is considered a very aggressive skin condition. We like to recommend starting with Acne Facial Treatments at Evolve Med Spa, where Dr. Tricia Shimer’s staff of highly-trained Aestheticians will perform a thorough skin evaluation during cleansing. With steam and gentle exfoliation to loosen and remove dead skin cells from the surface, we are able to perform comfortable extractions without risk of scarring. While our skin calms with ZO’s Complexion Clearing Masque, we will perform a relaxing shoulder massage and finish everything with incredible hydrators that will leave your skin feeling thoroughly cleansed without a dry or tight sensation.

Starting a simple, yet effective at-home routine before big problems arise makes this treatment ideal for teens and young adults wanting to learn what to use, and how to use it effectively. Maintaining at a young age prevents scarring and pigmentation, among other worries, that will need to be treated later.

If you see yourself getting overwhelmed at cosmetic stores, or with all of the online recommendations from random people, and still not understanding what you need to control your breakouts and why, Acne Facials at Evolve Med Spa in Dallas, Texas will help you get the information you need, and give you the deep clean you’ve been searching for!

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