BodyTite (RF Body Contouring) in Dallas, TX

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What is BodyTite?

Most people have both sagging skin and regions of excessive fat on their body that they would really like to correct without surgical liposuction and an invasive body lift. BodyTite is an innovative, minimally invasive liposuction procedure that also tightens your skin with minimal recovery time. The RFAL (radiofrequency-assisted liposuction) in BodyTite allows board-certified physician Dr. Tricia Shimer to efficiently help her patients in Dallas, TX improve their body shape. BodyTite is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to safely remove fat and improve skin laxity without any scars for fast results. Schedule a consultation at Evolve Med Spa to find out more about BodyTite along with other treatment choices for sagging skin and fat removal.

What Are The Benefits Of BodyTite?

RF-assisted lipolysis with BodyTite is an effective option for those who desire a body contouring alternative to more invasive, conventional fat removal methods. Some of the perks of BodyTite treatments offered at Evolve Med Spa in Dallas, TX include:

  • Reducing excess fat
  • Smoothing the skin
  • Substantially less invasive than traditional surgical treatments
  • No scarring
  • Different sites around the body can be treated
  • Each procedure can be finished in less than an hour
  • Exceptional outcomes
  • Limited discomfort

Am I An Ideal Candidate for BodyTite?

BodyTite can help if you want to see improved skin tightness and contours in one or many regions of your body. You may be a candidate to get BodyTite if you want to eliminate pockets of fat and enhance the appearance of sagging or wrinkled skin. You might have thought about body lift surgery or traditional liposuction but would prefer to avoid surgical scarring and recovery time. Many regions of the body may be treated with BodyTite; however, some of the more common regions that patients need help with are the arms, chest, stomach, thighs, and knees. During your initial consultation, Dr. Shimer will pay attention to your concerns and goals before helping you decide if BodyTite is right for you.

BodyTite Treatment Technique

The BodyTite procedure is usually performed with local anesthesia, but general anesthesia can be used if you're nervous or getting multiple areas treated. The specially designed BodyTite applicator is inserted via minimal incisions in your skin. The applicator has an external and internal thermometer to guard you from burns. Dr. Shimer will use the applicator to liquefy and loosen the fat with radiofrequency waves so that the fat is easily suctioned from your body. The heat used throughout the fat removal will tighten your skin and connective tissue for instant improvements. BodyTite treatments usually take about 30 – 45 minutes for each area treated. Several sessions may be required or suggested by Dr. Shimer to deliver your best outcomes.

What Can I expect After BodyTite?

You'll have to rest at home for 5 – 10 days following your BodyTite procedure. A compression garment should be worn on the treated areas to promote healing while holding your new shape. Some results may be visible instantly, but final results will not be apparent for several months as the inflammation and swelling are gone. While the fat that is removed cannot return, the remaining fat cells can become larger if you gain weight; therefore, it's important to maintain a healthy, stable weight after your BodyTite procedure.

BodyTite FAQ

How much does BodyTite usually cost?

How much your BodyTite procedure will cost depends on the number of body areas treated. In your consultation, Dr. Shimer will examine you, talk to you about your goals, and then create a custom BodyTite treatment plan. Once your plan is finalized, she can estimate your treatment costs.

Are surgical options better than BodyTite?

For women and men wanting to avoid the pain, recovery time, scars, and costs of cosmetic surgery, BodyTite is an excellent treatment option. But while Bodytite can produce dramatic results, plastic surgery procedures like arm and thigh lifts and tummy tucks are still the most effective way to eliminate loose, excess skin. During your consultation, Dr. Shimer can go over all of your treatment options and help you decide which one is best for you.

What exactly is radiofrequency energy treatment?

RF or radiofrequency energy treatments use electric current to generate a very controlled heat that targets and eliminates fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissue. In addition to removing fat, RF energy also stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin for healthier, younger-looking skin.

Is BodyTite safe?

Yes, it is. BodyTite is approved by the FDA as a safe and effective cosmetic procedure. Side effects and complications are rare, and most patients will be able to return to normal activities soon after their treatment. Strenuous activities, like exercise, can typically be resumed in about 5 – 10 days.

What are the available options?

BodyTite is optimal for men and women who wish to bypass lengthy recovery times, excessive incisions, and large expenses of aesthetic surgery. Though BodyTite provides beautiful outcomes, conventional lift surgeries, such as tummy tucks, arm lifts, and thigh lifts, are increasingly effective methods for taking care of loose or extra skin tissue. Also, liposuction is usually utilized as a sufficient technique to dispose of unsightly deposits of fat. Throughout your consult, Dr. Shimer will go over the benefits of each and determine which procedure is ideal for you.

What areas can be treated with BodyTite?

BodyTite is commonly used to target areas such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms, knees, and neck, among others. It is effective for both larger and smaller treatment areas.

Slim and Tighten with Bodytite

Enjoy the benefits of skin tightening and body contouring in a single, simple BodyTite treatment by board-certified physician Dr. Shimer. Minimize your recovery time with radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis to get your best body. Find out more about BodyTite treatments during your consultation at Evolve Med Spa. Speak to our office in Dallas, TX to schedule an appointment with Dr. Shimer.

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