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What Is the P-Shot?

Because of the natural process of aging, men's hormone levels could start to lessen, which may cause frustrating erectile dysfunction troubles. Luckily, there is a solution to assist using the state-of-the-art P-Shot treatment. With the use of PRP (platelet-rich plasma), the P-shot stimulates cell repair and increased blood flow to the penis for improved sexual health. At Evolve Med Spa, our team is thrilled to provide a natural remedy for sexual wellness problems with the P-Shot. Modern studies have discovered that the P-Shot can help with the wellness, circulation, strength, and size of the penis, along with increasing sex drive. Reach out to our team in Dallas, TX to hear more specifics and to book your initial appointment.

What are the benefits of the P-Shot?

After receiving the P-Shot at Evolve Med Spa, individuals may be able to notice the following benefits:

  • Larger, straighter, and strengthened penis
  • Increased circulation within the penis
  • Improved benefits from other therapies, including erectile dysfunction medications
  • Increased sensation and pleasure (helps correct the damage from diabetes)
  • Proven results with evidence from multiple studies
  • Increased size by design (More injections can be placed in the base or in the head for the best result.)
  • Decreased risk of allergic reactions since it is using your own body’s fluids
  • Decreased lumpiness and irregularity of penis shape
  • Minimal treatment pain

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How Does the P-Shot Treatment Work?

The full P-Shot treatment takes around 30 minutes to carry out and utilizes PRP (platelet-rich plasma) acquired from the person's own body. Prior to starting the procedure, an expert on our team may administer a topical anesthetic to ensure your comfort during the whole process. After this, we will extract a blood sample and spin it within a centrifuge to make the PRP concentration. The PRP will then be carefully injected into specific regions of your penis. After your session, you can expect to return to your normal schedule immediately. Keep in mind that you will have to hold off on sexual activity for approximately one day.

Improve Your Sexual Experience

At Evolve Med Spa, we welcome you to elevate your sexual well-being through the innovative P-Shot. This modern option at our Dallas, TX facility provides an easy method to help patients enhance their sexual well-being and libido. Find out more by contacting us now to set up an initial consultation.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.