Dallas, TX | Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Pellets | Dr. Tricia Shimer, MD., P.A

In this short video, a 39-year-old male patient of Dallas-based doctor Tricia Shimer, MD shares his experiences with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Pellets, or BHRT Pellets for short. Learn how you can benefit from BHRT from Dr. Tricia Shimer by visiting her website: https://ht-ca.com/doctor/dr-tricia-shimer-dallas/


Speaker 1: Okay.

David: My name is David, I'm on testosterone pellet therapy now for about nine months. I'm 39, I've been taking testosterone since I've been about 34 and nothing's worked as good as the pellets. I've tried injections, I've tried the creams whatever, and none of it worked. But the pellets, they work great. They were quick, and they work longer lasting than normal other stuff. So I've been really happy with the effects.

Speaker 1: All right.