Dallas, TX | Votiva Testimonial | Dr. Tricia Shimer, M.D., P.A

A patient of Dr. Tricia Shimer, a gynecologist in North Dallas TX, describes her personal experience with Votiva for urinary incontinence treatment.


Trisha Mayrack: Hi, my name is Trisha Mayrack and I did three separate Votiva treatments after my second child. I'm 39 years old, so things kind of shifted. I felt like my bladder had shifted or my uterus had shifted or I'm not really sure. But I was urinating frequently in my pants, daily, if not like a few times a week. And after my third treatment, it progressively got better after each treatment. And then after the last one, it has stopped completely. No peeing in my pants at all, not even a tiny bit. That was great. Everything feels better. I wasn't able to... There was so much tissue that had fallen that I wasn't even able to have a tampon stay in. It was kind of shimmying itself out.

Trisha Mayrack: So that, with the skin lifting and being a little bit more taught, the firmness has given me the ability to keep a tampon in, which is kind of a big deal. Sex is better, it looks better, it just gives you more confidence. So, I mean, all around as a woman, I can't think of a better way to have to made myself feel better after having kids.

Speaker 2: How likely would you recommend it to other patients?

Trisha Mayrack: Oh, 100% likely. I tell all my friends, all my clients, everyone. I'm like, "You've got to get this done," because they tell me all their problems... I do hair, so people tell me all their problems and then I'm like, "Okay, I've got the perfect solution for you because it really does work and I love it."

Speaker 2: So, okay. Thank you.

Trisha Mayrack: Yeah, thank you.