Nonsurgical Skin Resurfacing in Dallas, TX

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What Is Nonsurgical Skin Resurfacing?

We all start to experience wrinkles and sagging as we age, caused by a natural decrease in the body's collagen and elastin supply. A nonsurgical skin resurfacing treatment can help by tightening and smoothing the appearance of your skin, as well as addressing other issues, like acne scars and pigmentation problems. Evolve Med Spa is proud to offer this procedure using two different InMode technologies: Fractora and Forma. Nonsurgical skin resurfacing is a great option for patients who don't want needles or surgery but are looking to improve their skin's tone, texture, and youthful appearance. The treatment can be customized for your personal best results. Contact our office in Dallas, TX to schedule a consultation for your procedure. Board-certified physician Dr. Tricia Shimer and her team of aesthetics professionals would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

What Are the Benefits Of Nonsurgical Skin Resurfacing?

Nonsurgical skin resurfacing at Evolve Med Spa offers two effective methods to achieve healthier, brighter, and younger-looking skin with benefits including:

  • Eliminating dead, damaged skin cells
  • Reducing lines, wrinkles, and creases
  • Tightening loose skin
  • Diminishing skin discoloration, sun damage, spots, redness, and more
  • Balancing skin tone and texture
  • Brightening and refreshing the complexion
  • Stimulating the production of new collagen and elastin
  • Rejuvenating the skin for a more youthful appearance
  • Treatments are quick, easy, and comfortable
  • Results are natural-looking and can be long-lasting
  • No surgery or scarring
  • Little to no downtime

Is Nonsurgical Skin Resurfacing Right for Me?

Nonsurgical skin resurfacing at Evolve Med Spa is for patients who want to make changes to their overall complexion so you should take that into consideration when deciding if this procedure is for you. The treatment can address problems, including acne scars, age spots, wrinkles, fine lines, texture issues, sagging, melasma, redness, and rough or scaly skin. Areas most commonly treated include eyelids, forehead, cheeks, mouth, neck, smile lines, and any areas on the face and body that show skin discoloration or wrinkles. Dr. Shimer's team will review your concerns and goals during your consultation, helping us determine if you are a good candidate.

How Is Nonsurgical Skin Resurfacing Performed? 

To begin, you will relax in one of our private treatment rooms at our Dallas, TX office. Typically, anesthesia is not needed, as most patients report minimal discomfort during this procedure. Next, your aesthetician will begin to move the handpiece over your skin. This stimulates your body's own collagen and elastin production. Many patients have this short procedure done on their lunch break. We offer two different options for nonsurgical skin resurfacing at Evolve Med Spa. 

Forma by InMode: This noninvasive skin remodeling technology uses a subdermal heating applicator to uniformly deliver thermal heat deep under the skin via radiofrequency. It is ideal for patients with moderate to severe facial and/or body wrinkles who want to tighten their skin for a smoother and more youthful appearance. Forma is ideal for all skin types, and downtime should not be required after the procedure.  

Fractora by InMode: Fractora is ideal for improving skin irregularities, including acne scars, cystic acne, age spots, and pigmentation. This fractional skin resurfacing device bridges the gap between lasers and surgical procedures. Fractora serves to increase collagen production while tightening and polishing the skin's surface.

What To Expect After Nonsurgical Skin Resurfacing

Side effects from nonsurgical skin resurfacing at Evolve Med Spa should be minimal and can depend on which technology was used. The skin may appear red, and there could be some irritation and swelling following your nonsurgical skin resurfacing treatment. This should subside within a couple of days. Dr. Shimer recommends patients limit their sun exposure after treatment in addition to applying regular UV protection. Makeup can be applied 1 – 2 days after treatment.

Are Follow-Up Appointments Necessary? 

You may see some immediate results within the first few days or weeks following the procedure. However, since collagen and elastin growth happens over time, you are more likely to notice the procedure's full impact about two months after the treatment. At that point, you can expect your skin to look younger while feeling softer and smoother. To achieve your best results, Dr. Shimer may recommend up to five follow-up sessions. We will review all of this information with you during your procedure consultation in our Dallas, TX office.

Nonsurgical Skin Resurfacing FAQ

How much do Fractura and Forma cost?
The cost of each treatment regimen is based on the type and number of treatments you need. In your initial consultation, Dr. Shimer will ask about your skin issues and goals before explaining the different types of available treatments. She will then help you decide on your resurfacing treatment and talk to you about costs. Evolve Med Spa often offers treatment specials and discounted packages, so ask about current specials during your consultation.

What's the best type of skin resurfacing for me?
Dr. Shimer will help you decide which treatment option will best meet your concerns and goals during your consultation. The best treatment for you will depend on the health and condition of your skin, your skin problems, and how deep you want your treatment to go. The length of recovery time might also be an important consideration when you create a treatment plan. If you are unsure, it is best to select a lighter treatment before assessing your results and deciding if you want something stronger for your next treatment.

Is laser skin resurfacing safe for dark skin?

Prior to administering any treatment, our knowledgeable team will carefully assess your skin tone and other factors to determine whether laser skin resurfacing may be safe, appropriate, and effective for you. With many of the modern laser technologies available today, along with an experienced provider, patients of almost any skin type and tone may be considered candidates for treatment.

How can I help my skin recover after a resurfacing treatment?
Dr. Shimer or someone on her team will give you recommendations on ways to speed skin healing following your resurfacing treatment. The number one rule is don't peel or pick flaking skin. Doing this could lead to lasting damage, including scarring. You should skip all hair removal methods on the treated skin, which means no waxing, shaving, or depilatory creams. We will suggest an ointment to help soothe and heal treated areas.

Should I get Fractura laser skin resurfacing, a Forma RF treatment, a chemical peel, or dermabrasion?
Once Dr. Shimer has listened to your concerns, she will help you choose whether Forma RF treatment, Fractura laser skin resurfacing, dermabrasion, or a chemical will achieve your goals. While they all improve the surface of the skin, each has pros and cons. During your initial consultation, Dr. Shimer will explain each option and make a suggestion for your treatment plan.

How often should I get Forma RF treatments or Fractura laser resurfacing treatments?
Based on the resurfacing options you and Dr. Shimer choose for your treatment, you may need to wait a few weeks or even months between treatments. Deep treatments will give you longer-lasting results; however, they will require more time for recovery. You should tell Dr. Shimer about how frequently you are willing to come back for appointments so she can take this into account when suggesting a treatment plan during your initial consultation.

Rejuvenate Your Skin

Nonsurgical skin resurfacing using Forma and Fractora technologies can yield great results if you want smoother, younger-looking skin. During your consultation at our Dallas, TX office, Dr. Shimer will assess your treatment area and your goals to determine which technology may be right for you. If you are considering this procedure and would like to find out more, we invite you to call Evolve Med Spa today.

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